[Day 28] Overeating

Here is the pictures of Bún Chả and Nem Nướng that I found online   Ugh, I am so full.  I can roll like a ball right now hehe.  I ate double dinner ( I know, I have a big belly now).  I ate Nha Trang specialties which are Bún Chả and Nem Nướng.  They were... Continue Reading →

[Day 27] Is my blog a travel blog?

The other day a friend asked me whether I am writing a travel blog.  I did not know how to answer.  My friend had a point, didn't he?  After a few second, I answered "No, not really,  I write pretty much about anything.  They are my thoughts, and I want to share them.  I write... Continue Reading →

[Day 9] Friends for life

Chủ nhật, ngày 11 tháng 6, 2017 Tôi vừa mới đi chơi về, giờ tắm rửa chuẩn bị đi ngủ.  Công nhận, hôm nay đi chơi vui thật.  Giờ về đến nhà, tôi mệt lả cả người.  Tối nay sẽ ngủ rất ngon đây. Hồi sáng, con Phương nó qua chở tôi đi chơi.  Cũng... Continue Reading →

Coming back Vietnam after 4 years

After three weeks graduating high school in Vietnam, my family immigrated to the U.S.  I was studying really hard for College Admission Exam in Vietnam.  I learned Chinese as a second language because I wanted to go to Taiwan.  I was not prepared for the U.S at all.  I immigrated to the US on June-... Continue Reading →

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