[Day 184] Dead Week at Cal

This week is the week before final which also known as Dead Week at Cal. During Dead Week, we don't have any mandatory classes.  The week is for students to review.  We like to joke that, the week where you try to learn everything of a semester in 7 days. Personally, I love Dead Week. ... Continue Reading →

Coming back Vietnam after 4 years

After three weeks graduating high school in Vietnam, my family immigrated to the U.S.  I was studying really hard for College Admission Exam in Vietnam.  I learned Chinese as a second language because I wanted to go to Taiwan.  I was not prepared for the U.S at all.  I immigrated to the US on June-... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is A Life Style.

The other day, my friend asked me: “How can you be always energetic? You put that big smile on. You are able to live and study in San Francisco. You travel couple times a year. Now, You got into Berkeley. You seem like a happy person as well. I am jealous”. I told my friend... Continue Reading →

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