[Day 424] Learning Chinese Again

For the past few years, I have been learning English and some programming languages.  I also try to stay current with my Vietnamese.  So my Chinese Mandarin is getting rusty, and it is time for me to getting back to it.  I am gonna use this page to save material for my learning.  I am... Continue Reading →

[Day 398] A Circle

One of the best things about learning English later in life is that I am able to understand the songs that I listened to when I was younger. I used to play a lot of Car Racing games, where they played a lot of punk-pop (I did not know they called punk rock by the... Continue Reading →

[Day 329] Ai Tìm, Ai Đi Mãi?

Em đưa tôi đi qua, Một khoảng trời băng giá. Trái tim tôi thắt lại, Cả khoảng trời bình yên.   Em và tôi hai ngả, Những bản ngã riêng tôi Em thương tôi ngay cả, Tôi đi ngả chính tôi.   Đâu phải lỗi tại em, Do chính tôi ngây dại. Chẳng gánh nổi... Continue Reading →

[Day 317] Being Gay and Asian

1: Racial Preference or Asian Fetish? There was once, I was on an uber pool to the Castro to meet up with my friend.  As soon as the pooler got off, the driver started talking to me.  At first, he just asked me some general questions, like how old I am.  He said I look... Continue Reading →

[Poem] LOVE

LOVE I think I'm in love I did not expect to, My brain tries to protect My heart feels just right.   Maybe I feel love My brain stops thinking, My heart skips few beats This doesn't seem right.   My brain asks my heart: "Can you let him in? You were hurt before But... Continue Reading →

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