[Day 691] Last Week Of Instruction, Fall 2018

Last week was the last week of instruction, fall 2018.  It was my favorite week, not only because of omg, a semester ( 15 long ass and stressful weeks) is about to be over; but also the lectures are very entertaining and different from the rest of the semester.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s me walk you through it

In CS61C:  Machine Structure:

Professor Dan Garcia, one of the best lecture that I have ever had, he actually rapped in front of the class.

He also mentioned the spirit of Berkeley.  We suck, at so many things.  We suck at Football, we suck at creating a happy place for students, we suck at ….. (too many to list).  But we have never given up.  We are constantly making and fighting for changes.


In my Stats, 140 Probability for Data Science class, my professor, Ani Adhikari, shared her experiences about losing her house in 1991 because of the Oakland Hill Fire.  Her husband, Jim Pitman found them a new place to live the next day.  Also, the next day, she still managed to give lectures.  After 25 years, she and her husband still love teaching probability.

Her class is one of the best classes that I have ever taken in my entire life.  It is so well organized, the textbook written by her and her husband is so great.  There are a lot of visualizations.  The content is concise.  The TAs are so knowledgeable; they love teaching as well (not all of them but the majority).  She is a good lecture.  She understands how students mind work.

In my Human Content and Ethics In Technology class,  professor Cathryn Carson said, as the new millennial, she hopes that we do CS/DS with an anthropology lens.  Because technology is not just all about how much money you make, how much scientific paper that you published.  It is also about humankind. What she said stood with me.

Last year, in my CS61A class, John Denero taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life:  Dream Big –  Work Hard –  Stay Humble – Don’t Compare.

In CS70, Sahai, who is a pretty harsh professor, he made this:


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