[Day 685] Tear Gas

I told my parents about the recent news of using tear gas on illegal migrants.  They retold me the story of us in Hong Kong back in 1995-1996.  The story went like this: My parents were boat people.  They migrated to Hong Kong at different times.  They met each other and fell in love.  They... Continue Reading →

[Day 674] Tôi Nợ Tiếng Việt

http://kenh14.vn/toi-biet-minh-la-nguoi-viet-nam-khi-2018111608064425.chn?fbclid=IwAR1LEVeXNVmA3xAU2_ELNBac5D9Xrap_Y7biJ2Eev9wvJcSsG4z38VCo6aA Hôm qua đọc bài báo trên kênh14, đúng hay, đúng thấm. Tối qua, tôi không ngủ được, cứ nằm trằn trọc suy nghĩ, không ngủ được.  Đấy, chính nó, là chính nó, cuối cùng cũng có ai đó nói lộ tâm tư lòng mình. Tiếng Anh là một ngôn ngữ rất lạnh, không như... Continue Reading →

[Day 668] Better Me

Recently, so many things happen to me. Berkeley is so stressful.  My personal relationship did not go well; it does not help to blame one or the other.  I got into some conflict with someone I know in a study group; it was so unexpected.  Those drained a lot of my energy.  I find myself... Continue Reading →

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