[Day 600] Could It Be Worse?

I live in San Francisco where public transportation is better than a lot of places in the U.S and where a lot of new technology is invented.  Lately, I have noticed that there is a growing effort to transition to a smarter, more efficient, cleaner and greener way of living.  I recently read, watch some videos and hear friends talk about all the smart city initiatives that they were going to start implementing in San Francisco, and I was quite impressed with their list of proposed projects and initiatives.  For instance, the city government mentioned automated, electric shuttles, smart parking, more smart board for information, and more electric vehicle.  By investing and implementing these projects, they hope to reduce traffic in the city, save more gas, travel safety, especially in the downtown area and nearby.  None of the initiatives has a dramatic effect on me, my family, and friends living in the city that I know so far.  We would be doing just fine if they added more buses and trains, so we don’t need to wait for too long.  Other than that, I can see how all the projects are impractical.

The traffic in the city is not because of people who live in the town but by the people who commute to the city.  None of the projects mentions about increase more BART routes and trains to some suburban areas where people can have easier access to the city instead of driving.

All the project managers, they sell the ideas like they are doing those projects for the people.  Some part of it yet, but most it, they are not.  It is an economic investment.  How do they get people to work more efficiently? How can they get people to spend their hard earned money back on those of us who pay them?  You work for the corporation, rent from the corporation, eat at the same corporation’s eateries and drink at their bars.  Essentially they own you completely. And to make you complacent and happy, you don’t need to own anything. The corporations which are now can be strong as the government.  For example, Salesforce has it own public transit station in the city.  The San Francisco software giant that is paying $110 million over 25 years for naming rights to the bus hub, changed Transbay Transit Center to Salesforce Transit Center.  What else could they not buy?

Also, Other than that, More and more people who live in cities are suffering from depressions and some other mental illness.  We, human, cannot disconnect from nature.

The majority of the problems humanity suffers from living in cities are caused by the corporations involved too much in the smart city plans.  And if you don’t have STEM skills you won’t survive in smart cities, San Francisco and Seattle are two significant examples.  This is more about making money and could be doing away with government and could be replacing it with a corporatocracy.

P/s: this is a quick writing and provoking some thoughts.

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