[Day 589] There is no holding hands

I don’t mock people online (unless they are my good friends).  But I feel the need to write this down because I was so upset, disappointed and overwhelmed.

I met with another assistant earlier last year.  He was very nice and sweet, he said if I come back with a plan, he would approve me.  It was so unfortunate that I could not meet him this time.  I met with someone else, a rude dean assistant today to ask for an extra semester.  I was there on time, my appointment was 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM.  I waited until 2:50PM (She was late for 20 minutes).  The first thing she did when she saw me was sighing.  She was annoyed to deal with my situation.  Throughout the meeting, she did not let me talk and explain my situation.  Whenever I said something, she had something to stop me or lead me to another direction that did not benefit the purpose I was there for.  She sighed a couple times to show her attitude as well

I met her with a clear plan that I made with 2 other advisors but she used my past academic record to go against me.  I felt so unwelcome, was not able to explain my thoughts.  Anything I said to her was nonsense.  I was not there to fight, I know I was asking her an approval, I come prepared.  I was shocked and humiliated to be treated like that.  I told her, “hey, I am not here to fight, either making your job harder, I totally understand your reasons, but….”  After that, she started to calm down.

As soon as I left the office, I walked to the bathroom, I cried.  It was not because she did not approve my plan but because the way she acted and the way I was being treated.  Again, it is not anywhere else, it is a school, a college environment where I thought people wanted to help you to do well and to success, not making your life and your college experience more miserable.

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