[Day 586] x2.0

1:  I have a habit of speeding up Youtube videos(x2.0 or x1.5) with captions to save time and to focus better.   It is like when you drive fast, you are more focus.  When I watch a fast video,  I make sure I pay close attention.  I tend to speak fast too, especially when I get so excited about the topics (I speak so much slower in English though).  Now, I feel like everyone talks so slow, especially professors (I speed up their lecture video, I guess that is the reason).

2: As a Data Science student at Cal, I need to take Human Content and Ethics in Data Science.  The class is pretty cool so far.  It makes people think and discuss what someone should and should not do/build in a technology world.  Power comes with responsibility

3:  I just watched this super cool video about bias in A.I for my class in x2 speed which makes a 50 minutes video become 25 minutes.  I learned a lot

4: Good night all readers.  Thank for reading my blog.

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