[Day 576] Xing in Seeking Arrangement Land

Lately, I wonder to myself how some young people have a lot of money to project a luxury lifestyle on their social media.  Meanwhile, I am working my ass off and counting every penny.  I am sure they work hard too, I just wanted to learn the way they work.  I found out that they have sugar daddies.  Some of them get paid for their companionships, some for other things.  Also, I was Facetiming my boyfriend who currently is living in Mexico.  I was telling how we are both short in incomes so maybe I can find sugar daddies to sponsor me.  At least, that would help me to fly out to Mexico and see him more often.

So I was procrastinating with my studies ( lol, every time I do something, it is procrastinating from my study, the typical me).  Therefore I download the app Seeking Arrangement.  Seeking Arrangement is an app where sugar babies and sugar daddies/ sugar mommies find each other. (They did not sponsor me for this post tho haha).  I created an empty profile so I can just check thing out first.  I found out:

1:  There are more sugar babies than daddies.  Bay Area is so expensive.  There are a lot of people need help with their rent.

2:  Wow, it is competitive out there.  I mean the ones claim themselves as sugar babies are hot, in many ways, all types.  There are young cute twinks, there are young hot studs, and many other more.

3:  Some people want it all.  So if you are rich, they want your money.  If you are young and pretty, they want your youth and companionships, they want you in events to boost up their classes and ego.  If you are rich, handsome, smart, loyal, good looking, they want you for LTRs, good catch y’all.

4: Me, getting bored with the app after 30 minutes.  Mom and dad are right.  I better rely on my own, too much work out there.

P.s:  No insult neither offend to any parties, be safe out there everyone.


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