[Day 572] We Love Differently

I always feel really weird when people say “I love you” in any contents.  I am still getting used to it after living in the U.S for a couple years.  I don’t remember myself saying it that often either.

In my culture(Chinese and Vietnamese), we don’t say “I Love You” lightly.  It sounds very empty and does not mean that much.  If I like someone, or have a feeling for someone, I would say ” Tôi thật sự thích bạn”, which mean “I really like you” (我喜欢你).  If I fall in love with someone, and seriously want to pursue a long-term relationship. I would say “Tôi Thương Em”.   The word “thương” can’t really be translated into English.  It is love, but tender and passionate, ok, that sounds crazy.  But the word “thương” is very meaningful.  For me, it means “I am always there for you, no pressure or anything,  I am just going to say it once.  You don’t need to be with me, either I am with you.  It is not forever, it is always “.

In my culture, we show love more than just saying “love”.  We believe actions speak more than words and time will prove everything.  In fact, we show love through immense generosity, unwavering loyalty, and a lot of food.

Not better, not worse,  it is just different.

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