[Day 553] Crazy Rich Asians

I watched the movie with friends last night, and I enjoyed it.  There are good jokes throughout the movie, the wedding scene was specula.  It is a comedy-drama movie anyway.  Also, a lot of male actors in the movie are so good looking!!!

This morning, I told my roommate that I watched the movie.  He said that he read articles about it.  It is just a fantasy about how people are so rich.  It does not represent the Asians community as a whole.  I see what he said.  He is right that not many Asians are that wealthy and it does misrepresent Asians as a whole.  In the meantime, not all Asians are Chinese (The movie makes it seem like so).

But how often do you see a Hollywood movie about Asian’s culture (Chinese, to be specific in this movie) with a whole Asians cast, Asian writer, director?  It is not fair to only use 2 hours of entertainment to represent a continent with many countries, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea,… and many different cultures and amazing people.  2 hours are way too short.  You may need a lifetime, generations after generations for that.

I grew up in Vietnam, I speak my grandma language, I speak my hometown language, I speak my mother language, and I am still very in touch with my hometown, so I have no problem seeing my people on media when I was growing up.  But look at all my Asian Americans, how often do they see their people on TV besides the time someone does martial arts, fleeing away from their village and a girl who needs a white man to validate her importance or some scene where people stop by China Town for a visit?

That being said, the movie is a damn good start!

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