[Day 435] Procrastination

Ok, that is not a surprise about me, procrastinating.  I am taking 2 technical classes this summer which is not recommended.  I like my classes, but oh well they are stressful (not complaining, just jotting down my thoughts).  Meanwhile, people are enjoying their summer, doing internships, traveling,…

I could not fall asleep last night, you know why? *inserting dark thoughts, wink wink*.  I went to bed like 3PM, but I did not fall asleep until 5-6 in the morning.  Since Monday of this week,  I have been studying, but I also have been watching Youtube videos to distract and distress myself.  I also watched 2 movies on my dinner and lunch breaks.  They helped a lot.  They made me cry.  I watched all the Golden Buzzed from the X Factor; I watched “Love, Simon” which is lovely (I wish to see more Asians in the movie tho); I am finishing “Your Name”- a Japanese animation, very deep, with many layers.

Ok, I was a totally lazy piece of a human being, making up too many excuses for myself to be lazy.  Now, I am going to prepare for my exams tomorrow.


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