[Day 432] I Learned How To Baked

I learned how to bake today, oh well, sort off.  Today is the special dinner night where people in my co-op volunteer to cook which means people who live in the house can get free food, yay!

I need to complete 3 hours of Community Engagement for living in the house but I did not do any even though it is the end of the semester (oh well, I am just an awkward and struggling Berkeley student who is trying hard to be average on the curve, don’t shame me on my lack of social lifestyle!).  I asked Jordan, my housemate if I can do anything to help and to get my hours.  There I was, helped him bake three big cake.  It was my first time baking cake (I know right?). I did not grow up with an oven.  Also, my family did not like sweet that much.  My mom is not a very good baker (sorry mom, she is an excellent cook though).

What I learned throughout the baking process:

1: Jordan is super nice.

2: His cakes are so much sugar.  Omg, like we put 8 cups of sugar in 14 cups of flour.  I don’t know much about baking but seeing that much sugar in my food scared me.

3:  You need a strong wrist to bake.  Jordan asked me to mixed the ingredients together.  I was too slow.  I did not use enough force.  I was like “Jordan, my hands are tired, how about you mix, and I do something else.”  Jordan “oh well, there is not much you can do.”  Me ” you are right! lol”

4:  I did not know egg replacer exist.

5: We forgot to put baking soda.

Besides that,  my phone died when I was at Amazon trying to pick up my package.  This happened twice already.  They could not help me charge it because they were about to close in 5 minutes.

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