[Day 398] A Circle

One of the best things about learning English later in life is that I am able to understand the songs that I listened to when I was younger.

I used to play a lot of Car Racing games, where they played a lot of punk-pop (I did not know they called punk rock by the way).  I loved those songs and I still do, but I did not know anything about them, not the lyrics, not the singers, just the beats themselves.  I just loved them because they sounded great and they worked well with the games that I play.  My friends and I just sang along with the songs without knowing their meaning.  I ran into this when I was surfing the internet and I screamed. I was like “that’s it, it is the song.  Now, my Spotify is full of punk-pop playlists, from Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, and many more


Growing up, I used to listen to radio and Cassette (yes, do you know what it is?).  And of course, the tapes are old, and mostly from Queen and the Beatles.  The radio also played the old songs.  I had no idea how old they are back in the day though.  I just knew that I did not hear though types of songs in the mainstream channel in Vietnam so they were very new to my ears.





Now, after learning English for couple years, I am able to understand them, to sing along.  I am so behind in the new music because I am busy catching up with my childhood and my teenager time.

P/s:  No, I am not an old soul.  No, I do not hate young and new music either haha.



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