[Day 314] Let Yourself Lose and Dance

Yesterday myself just told me that she went to a party and she was so sober to dance.  I was like” gurrl, really, you don’t need alcohol neither drug to dance”.

But honestly, it is easier to said than done.  A lot of people I know need couple drinks before they can go and dance.  Yes, there are also a lot of people that I know need no drink to dance, me myself included.  It takes a while for us to not need a drink and dance though, it takes training and practice.  I am going to share my experience what have I done to get there.

For my first dancing class, the teacher did not teach us dancing right away.  She asked us to shake our body, like the whole body so we can relax our nerves, physically and mentally.  She asked us to walk across the studio with confident and fun moves, back and forth.  I was so shy.  I was like “f*ck that, I am not going to do that, I do not want to embarrass myself”. Don’t get me wrong, before that class, I know that I love to dance.  I watch youtube videos for hours to practice.  I look at myself in the mirror and practice.  I just did not want to do that in front of a bunch of random people.  Anyway, the teacher pushed us to do it anyway.  She started the class like that for couple days, until we used to it and built up our confidence.  By the end of the week, she said “see, you all are not afraid to look like a fool now, who cares right? just let the music play and have fun with it”.  She was right, we learned how to dance with our fear of judgment.  We learned to dance like no one watching us.

I feel more confident to dance when I know the songs as well, so sometimes I just watch youtube videos to learn the songs and the choreography.  I don’t think everyone should become a dancer but everyone should have the confidence to dance without using any drugs

Want something to start with?  Here is a happy and fun choreography


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