[Day 254]”Everyone is someone to somebody”

Today I had a chance to listen and talk to Kevin Adler.  Kevin is the founder of Miracle Messages, a global community whose mission is to end homelessness by rebuilding social support systems.  Kevin writes “there are many people on the streets who suffer from mental illness, or drug addictions, or severe disabilities. Many people who have problems, just like the rest of us.  Some are mental illnesses; some are down on their luck, just divorced, missed payment, bad accident, mounting health care costs, debts, mistakes, chances that just didn’t work out.  Many people who have families and people who miss them and love them.”

When I immigrated to San Francisco,  USA, I was surprised that there is a lot of homeless in the City.  Where I am home, Vietnam which is a developing country but we do not have the homeless problem.  I was wondering why and started doing some research on my own to help myself understand the problems and maybe solve it.

Miracle Messages is a community where they help homeless find and build their connection.  Volunteers go talk to homeless, listen to them, hang out with them and send their messages to their friends, family through social media.  The community main goal is not just helping homeless to find a house and getting off the street but to help them build their support system, to help them reconnect with their friends and families.

I was so touched by the idea and the work that he has done.  First of all, It is not easy first.  Not everyone is comfortable to talk to homeless people and of course, not every homeless is comfortable to share their personal stories to strangers either.

Living in the 2018, people are so used to internet, technology and social media.  People would question how do they can be disconnected from their love one?  Somehow, we forgot that some people have been homeless for 20 years when the internet was not popular yet.  Some homeless feel shame about their situations and did not believe that their families love them.  Some families just move around a lot therefor it is hard to stay connected, …..  Thank for Miracle Messages that help the homeless reconnect and build a better support system

Me, myself would not be anything without my family, my friends and other support systems either.

I hope you can get involve and make the community bigger, because “Everyone is someone to somebody”.  Here is the website:  Click Here Will Redirect to the Website

P.s: I feel privilege and grateful to be a Cal student and to be the Bay Area resident.  Everyday I have the chance to meet awesome people, learn something new and to challenge myself find solutions for more human being problems.



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