[Day 237] Going to Cal as intended Computer Science

First of all, as students, we like to refer our school UC Berkeley as Cal.

Whenever people ask me “How is going to Berkeley”, I stop for a long second, then reply:

Not like many students, I wanted to go to other schools.  Berkeley is so closed to San Francisco (where I was living at the time).  For my first my semester, I hated it, very much.  I regretted that I chose to go here .  I got accepted everywhere else as Computer Science major.  At Cal, I still need to declare.  Declaring my major is something that in my mind all the time.  It can stress me out too.

During my winter break, I did a lot of evaluation about myself, my school works and my relationships with others. Now, I am on my second semester, I came back with a different mindset. I ask myself: “Do I really regret going to Berkeley”.  I can strongly say that “NO”.  Berkeley is the best fit for me.  Why?

Going to Cal has push me very hard in term of academic and in many other ways.  It is so challenging and it is great that many students are here for the challenges.  I am giving my very best here at Cal.  I may or may not ending up with a degree in Computer Science, but whenever I give my best, I know I will end up somewhere equivalent with my hardwork.

There are so much passions and inspirations .  Cal is very diverse, one of the most diverse university in the world.  I have met people who are Olympic gold metals, world math competitors, people who go to college at the age of 14.  I also have met people who were homeless but they made it to UC Berkeley.  I have met people who travel around the world and then come back to school.  There are people who want to run for the president of the U.S, not just because they want to become a president but they want to do X-Y-Z for the communities. A lot of people go to Cal that did not born in privileges.  We are poor, we are immigrants, we are ESL, but we are here to be better us and to solve world problems.  People are so passionate about their fields.  Surround myself with those people, talk to them, listen to them, learn from them make me feel inspired.  I have learned that we dream big, we work hard, we stay humble and we are here to make changes in the world.

Cal has taught me that it is cool to be smart.  We were not born smart.  We become smart and smarter by working hard and harder.

Even though I was not born in privileges, Cal allows me to be academic smart, funny, quirky and crazy all at once



In my Discrete Math class today, We were learning about stable marriage. And I was so amazed by this video.  It is kind of cool, isn’t it.  Believe me, there is never a dull moment with Computer Science at Cal

As we always say at Cal:  ” GO BEARS!!!”

To know more about stable marriage:


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