[226] About the time in Guadalajara (part I)

After Puerto Vallarta (PV), I head to Guadalajara (G).  The reason I wanted to go to Guadalajara because I heard that it is one of the most LGBT friendly city in Mexico.  Aslo, an old friend of me, Alicia lives there.  I was excited for Guadalajara even though I did not know what the city has to offered.  I was in touched with Juan David, a couch-surfing host.  I did not stay at his place because it is under renovation.

Before going to Guadalajara.  I meet Lukas.  I invited him to Guadalajara; I am glad that I did and he said yes.


We tried to be wake up and get our day start early today.  By early, We meant 11:30 AM. hehe.

We took ENT which is a good bus company.  It took about 6 hour to get to Guadalajara from PV.  The bus was comfortable.  I enjoyed it along with the scenes and a good company.

We arrived G very late.  By the time we were ready for dinner, it was already 12AM, most of the restaurants are closed.  Lukas and I tried to find a place to eat.  We just wanted food.  We asked a taxi driver to take us to a restaurant open at this time.  We were hangry ( when you are hungry and get angry).  On the way to the restaurant, Lukas found a restaurant which was closer named Casa Bariachi.  We stopped there.  Ever since then, I started believe in destiny.  I ordered a dish with grill pork.  It was ok in my opinion.  Lukas ordered arrache (beef steak) medium rare cook.  It was so perfectly cook.  One of the best beef steak I ever had.  Good company, good food, good environment,  we ordered some white wine.  The server, Paul, he was so professional, from the way he open the napkin, flip the napkin to the way he open and pour the wine.  He paid close attention when we dined.  The beef and the services from Paul, it was like a 5 stars restaurant in the State.  I do not want to think about how much I need to pay for that in the State to be honest.  The night ended in a very interesting way.  We got back to our place at 3ish AM.


We woke up so late today (of course).  It was a fun day of walking around the center city to check out some churches, museums and market.  Luckily, it was a Tuesday so all the museums were free.  We went to Museum Cabanas.  I loved it.  The museum was big; all the exhibits were very cool and well organized.  We spent couple good hours in there.


The way to the museum


inside the museum


some cool murals


All about the Math…


I like contemporary arts and the art of sciences and mathematics. 


One of my favorite picture and piece of arts of all time;

Them- I- We- Us


At night, we meet up with my friends Alicia and Juan David.  I did not see Alicia for so long.  We used to take ESL classes together at CCSF in San Francisco.  She moved back to here country.  I was busy with my life in San Francisco.  We did not talk either text for a long period of time.  Alicia had a long day.  She worked all day and her dog needed to go surgery due to a car accident.  Regardless, she made time to see me.  She always brings positive energy every time I see her.  I love her.  At the bar, we also met some other cool people like Francisco and his exchange student from Belgium.  We had very good talks about the country, the cultures, about life, human being.  A little bit later, Juan David came out.  With all the great companies,  We took some tequila.  Lukas and I did not have dinner so Francisco took us to a famous taco place.

After dinner, we walked around the city.  We went to a church near by University of Guadalajara.  Juan said it is one of his favorite place in the city.  The architecture and the design are beautiful.  It is so pretty like Diney Castle and it is so big that looks unreal



Old and new friends and more…








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