[225] Winter Break In Mexico (Puerto Vallarta )

This winter break I went to Mexico for my first time.  I wanted an easy  and relax trip.  Mexico is close by so it is a perfect choice.  I did not plan so much about what to do.  I just bought one way ticket and went with flow.  By the way, I do not speak Spanish.

Before leaving San Francisco,  I was not in a good mood.  Also, I wanted to spend more time at home with my parents.  Therefore, I was trying to cut short my trip in Mexico.  On the other hand, I was so tired of the cold.  I wanted warm weather.


My flight was 11:35AM.  It took 3.5 hours to travel from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta (PV) by airplane.  Blake and Paul ( my friends from the city) were already there.  We met up for dinner.  We walked around the town, along the beach to catch up with each others.  After a while, we were tired and ready for dinner.  We decided to go a little bit far away the tourist area for some quietness.  We stopped at a restaurant at the intersection.  It was a fun spot to see how people drive in PV.

After dinner,  We went dancing for a little bit.  We did not go to our hotel right after dancing.  We walked around town again.  we walked long the beach.  We ate ice cream.  We took some crazy picture.  And we know we love PV



It was a great first day in PV


I woke up very late today.  It was a beautiful day to hang out at the beach.  I met Pako.  He is so much.  Our personalities are matches.  We spent the entire day at the beach to chill, read and swim.   Pako and I also did some photoshoot.  At night, we danced crazy.  We danced until 4 or 5 in the morning.


Girls just want to have fun …


sisters …

01 – 07 – 2018

We had plan to do the zipline with Pako today but he was so tired after a fun night.  At 11 AM, a car picked us up from the city to the jungle to do the zipline.  The ride along the coast was nice.  We got the chance to see “the real PV”, beautiful landscape



zipline and tequila…


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