[Day 213] Best of 2017

2017 was a great year for me.  It was up and down, out and about.  There were a lot of achievements and disappointments.  Regardless,  I am happy and excited for 2018. I am going to list some of the bests of my 2017.

1:  The year of my 21. 

I was born in 11-22 so most of my 21 was in 2017.  I am legal for all the parties.  I went out with friends, checked out the bars and clubs.  I realized that I definitely look younger for my age.  I love the eyes of all the door checkers when they look at my ID and scan me.  Yep, Bitches, I am old enough and I am legal for all the actions.

I also learn that I do not like drinking.  I would drink a little bit to get tipsy then I am done.

Being 22 is going to be good.

2: I got accepted to most of the schools I applied to

I was thinking to transfer in fall 2018 which is next year instead of 2017 but I rushed my application process and applied for Fall 2017.  It turned out so so much better than I thought.  I got to UC Berkeley.  Here I am on my winter break after done with my first semester at Cal

3:  I traveled a lot

I traveled a lot in 2017.  I went Burma/Myanmar for 3 weeks.  I traveled from Southern Vietnam to Northern Vietnam for 2 months.  I hang out with my friends in Vietnam.  We also traveled together.  It was so much fun.

I hope I have that much time to travel in 2018

4:  I made good friends

I live in the dorm for the school year 2017-2018.  Luckily, I got accepted to the transfer theme program which means the people on my whole floor are all junior transfers.  I made friends for my life time.  Q is the first person I met at Cal.  Andy is my brother and my best friends. Cath and Brooke are my sisters.  Naira is my unofficial mother lol.  Prince is a little new gaybie.  K helped me a lot with my projects.  My roommate is chill af, more and more.

I can just talk about them all day long.  I feel grateful

5: Best Books that I read:

I like to read.  The 2 books stand out for me are The Kite Runner and Call Me By Your Name.  I can not just choose one or the other.

I read the The Kite Runner when I was taking my flight from San Francisco to Vietnam.  The book is very good.  I felt nervous to turn to the next page.  I was so worried for the characters.  I sobbed so much reading the book.  The book touches some of the most darkest parts and brightest parts of human being.  I see a lot of myself in the book, my childhood, my life as an immigrant, a lover,…

Call Me By Your Name, haunting, heartbreaking and beautiful.  I like that no one in the book pays to be homosexual.  They just love.  Their are so many lines in the book that cut my heart.  I can not help but cry when I think about it.

I definitely re-read them sometimes

6: Best Movie: Call Me By Your Name.

I like indie movie. Timothée Chalamet did an awesome job.  I can’t wait to see what he can do in the future.  The director is a genius.  After the movie,  I was stunned. A must see

7:  Best Party 

I went to a Halloween party hosted by the LGBTQ co-op at Cal with my friends.  The party was good not because the hosts but because I went with my friends and there were poles to dance.  I took 5 shoot ( the most I have ever took) before going to the party to I came to the party pretty drunk.  There were 2 poles to dance.  My friend and I took over one.  We danced so hard that I kicked my friend’s nose.  He bleed!  He fucked up so bad that we needed to send him home.  He lost his phone some where during the night.  I felt a little bad just because I was the cause :(.  The next day, we found his phone.  When I was on my way to the dining, a guy and a girl came up to me and said: ” I saw you on the dance floor last night.  Your friend and you killed it”

I did it. lol


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