[Day 207] Call Me By Your Name

I have not been to a movie theater for so long.  Today, my friends and I decided to see the movie “Call My By Myself”.  I watched the trailer but I did not know about the book.  I did not read the review or hear anything about it.  The movie was very good and it is haunting.( Please watch it yourself, I won’t spoil anymore)

I am reading the book now.  There are so many lines that make me stop and think for couple long minutes.  There are lines that make my feel so goosy because they are so touchable and relatable.

So far:

1: We are not written for one instrument alone; I am not. neither are you.

2: It never occurred to me that what had totally panicked me when he touched me was exactly what startles virgins on being touched for the first time by the person they desire: he stirs nerves in them they never knew existed and that produce far, far more disturbing pleasures than they are used to on their own.

3: if you can’t say “yes”, don’t say “no”, say “later”.  Is this why people say “maybe” when they mean “yes”, but hope you will think it’s no “when” all they really mean is Please, just ask me once more, and once more after that?

4: this one is too young still, youth has no shame, shame comes with age.

5: I believe with every cell in my body that every cell in yours must not, must never, die, and if it does have to die, let it die inside my body.

6: It never occurred to me that I had brought him here not just to show him my little world, but to ask my little world to let him in.

7: “I like the way you say things. Why are you always putting yourself down?” I shrugged my shoulders. Was he criticizing me for criticizing myself? “I don’t know. So you won’t, I suppose.”


8: How do you go back to sleep no longer a virgin?  There was no coming back from that!

9: Perhaps the physical and the metaphorical meanings are clumsy ways of understanding what happens when two beings need, not just to be close together, but to become so totally ductile that each becomes the other. To be who I am because of you. To be who he was because of me.

10:  I suddenly realized that we were on borrowed time, that time is always borrowed, and that the lending agency exacts its premium precisely when we are least prepared to pay and need to borrow more.

11: Because by not planing to keep things alive, we were avoiding the prospect that they might ever die.

12: Rehearse the pain to dull the pain.

13: Nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot

14: If there is any truth in the world, it lies when I’m with you.





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