[Day 184] Dead Week at Cal

This week is the week before final which also known as Dead Week at Cal.

During Dead Week, we don’t have any mandatory classes.  The week is for students to review.  We like to joke that, the week where you try to learn everything of a semester in 7 days.

Personally, I love Dead Week.  When I was in K-12 school in Vietnam,  I had Dead Week in 9 grade and 12 grade, those are the most two important grades.  I study and push myself to study a lot during those weeks, and I am doing the same at Cal.

Throughout the semester,  I was very unbalanced.  My mind was all over places thinking about my majors, my future classes and what I am going to after college, all the things in future (yep, yep, yep, bad bad bad).  Now, studying for my finals, I feel calm.  I just realized something.

When I was in Burma, I stayed at a temple.  There was not a lot to do in a temple beside talking to others monks and read Buddist’s books.  I spoke to one of the oldest monks at that temple.  I asked him:

–  What do you think life is about?

-I can not tell you; I do not have the answer, you need to live yourself to see what it is about.  – He says

I changed the conversations about Burma’s culture, about the British colorized time.  At the end of the conversation, he says:

-You should not be asking what life is about at this age.  You are still young( I was 20 at the time).  Life is hard as it is, life is easy as it is.  It is the matter how you choose to live through it.

I just said thanks.  I did not know what he means to say to be honest.  Now, thinking back, I can write that.  Yes, it is the matter of choices, how I/ we choose to live.  Life is hard as it is, easy as it is, so why don’t I/We just live and enjoy it calmly and slowly?

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