[Day 176] Is that an American thing?

So in my culture, mix Chinese – Vietnamese culture,  we always lead our guests to the door when they leave.  We never let they leave so “alone” by themselves to the door, unless they are my savage friends.  We think that is the best way to treat our guests.  The action means we thank them for visiting.  We try to be good host.  But for some Americans,  they hardly lead me to the door (unless they are the one that I come visit often like John and Eric, Blake and EVB).   That makes me feel weird. It makes me feel like they just want me to leave ( which can be true in some cases).  Sometimes I would say ” Can you go down (or go out) with me”, “would you mind leading me out/ or down).  By saying those sentences,  it is not because I am scared or anything.  I really want them to lead me out, like the way we would do in our cultures.  Is it just a culture thing? Or my friends really want to kick me out ?!!! I should just ask them next time when it happens again.

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