[Day 140] CS61 A Midterm two

I had my CS61A midterm two today.  I did ok.  For me, it was not too bad or too good either.  I felt good after the exam because I know I have done my best.

After the exam,  I got lost.  Haha, I did not remember where I parked my bike, so I was just wandering around the VLSB at 10:30 PM to look for my bike.  The campus is creepy at night, to be honest.  I found my bike at the other entrance.  Again,  I need to confirm that I am very bad at direction.

Andy and I went to Asian Ghetto to get food since we did not have a full dinner (because of the exam as you know).  It was fun going there.  We met the CS 61A transfer group.  Finally, I had a chance to say hi to them after all this time.  They have been giving me good hints for homework and projects.  I appreciate them a lot.


At the social lounge, I was a little bit concern about my study.

Alysha asked me: “Are you stress Lupin?”

Me: ” No, there are just so many uncertainties,  I hope they get to be clear soon though.”

I started to tell them about my concerns.  Miles was very supportive.  He kept cheering me up and analyze the situations.  It was not as unclear as I thought.  Their words and the ways they showed their support made me feel so much better.  I love the people on my floor.  I really do.


The transition to Cal is hard at first.  But I am kind of used to it now.  I am used to the pace and the environment.  I love the people.  They are passionated, motivated, intelligent and hard working.  Being around and being one of them make me feel cool.

I love Martinez Common Floor 6th

I truly appreciate the fact that I am here

One more good thing is that I don’t have my 9:30 AM class tomorrow.  More time to sleep, Yay!!!

Good night

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