[Day 97] Tech Career Fair at Cal

On Wednesday,  I went to the Tech Career fair at Cal.  There were many companies so students could have a lot of opportunities for internships or full-time jobs.

I was a little bit intimidated at first.  There were so many students, and their resumes are filled with amazing projects.  I felt so small about myself, physically and academically.  I was so intimidated to talk to recruiters too.  I was like “wow, wow, I was about to talk to them.  That amazing person has done X, Y, Z”  You know,  it is kind of like the pressure to impress people.  I started off with one company.  It went really well actually.  I was scared a little bit at first, but then the recruiter talked about my interests.  I felt less intimidated.  Oh well, “they were students before too, they must have gone through what I am feeling right now, take a deep breath, take a deep breath”  I talked to myself.  I am interested in AI and Machine Leaning, so we were talking about it.  I did not know what to talk about, so I texted a friend of me for more tips. It gets better.

At one point, I was waiting so long for a tech company, and the company did not respond except my resume.  I was disappointed.  However,  I understood why.  When the recruiter asked me to tell me about the company and their projects.  I was kind of showing no interest in the projects and the developments they are working on.  I learned that: Do Not Try To Drop my resume off at everything but pick the ones I like first.  Also, I need to come prepares.  There were many students wait in line.  So I just went direct to the main questions.

When I was waiting in line.  I joined some conversations.  One of it was it a girl and a boy:

–  My dad worked at XYZ company as an engineer; I ask him to help me a lot”. The girl said

The boy response:

-Oh nice,  My dad is an electrical engineer, he wants me to do more EE, but I am more interested in CS.  My mom wants me to be a doctor though because she is in the medical field.

-How long have you been programming? – The girl asked curiously

-Since I was 12.  My dad taught me about coding.  I read my dad’s magazines too

They turned to me and asked: “How about you, Lupin?”

I said:

-Mmmm, my parents were farmers.  We grew coffee and black pepper on a small farm.  I did not know I can major in Computer Science until I immigrated to the US.  In my country, people call it IT, but I did not like IT that much.  I started coding since my second year of college, and I love it.  I transferred to Cal from another school.  By the way,  I ran after kites when I was growing up. I did not have magazines to read at home.  Anyway,  I feel I have a lot to learn tho.

The boy said: “Oh, it is our turn already, hurry up.”

I spent couple hours at the fair.  I learned a lot today.  I learned what I should put on my resume.  What I should know before a technical interview.  I learned that I love Computer Science and would love to apply it in other fields.  I learned that I got to Cal as a Computer Science major with 7% acceptance rate not because I was lucky but because I want to be here, I take a spot to be here.  And I feel thankful for my parents for everything they have done.  I am grateful for what Cal has offered so far.

I am more than ready for the next career fair

OK, I need to watch my lecture online now!!!

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