[Day 88] Naira’s birthday

( …Martinez brothers and sisters, I love how Jessie looks at Kay.  He is like “bro, don’t try to take my spotlight haha )

August – 28 was Naira birthday.  She invited all the people on 6th floor of Martinez and some people are from the building but on other floors.

She turned 20th woho, not a teenager anymore.  But who the heck is Naira? Oh, Naira is a friend of me.  We live on the same floor.  Naira is a fun person.  She would do crazy things for fun.  She would join you for many adventures and do fun things (the things that you may think it is a little bit crazy).  We all love her.

No wonder she is so popular.  There were around 20 people show up and we could not fit all of them on 1 big table.

(… birthday Girrrrrrrl)


After the birthday dinner, we were a so energetic and this was what happened


oh, we went out on a Monday night anyway, lol, because we are smart, we do not need to study.  Just kidding, I am back to my homework right now


A little bit off topic but I hate my printer, I really do!!!!

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