The pressure to pursue STEM majors at Cal or Bay Area

I live in the Bay Are for the past four years, and I am currently a Computer Science student at Cal.  I can see that there is a pressure for the young generations to pursue STEM majors.

When a student says that he/she is majoring in STEM.  People always say, “Oh wow, you are smart.”  But when someone says that they major in English, or Sociology, or Humanity,… people would react “Oh, nice.”  I am a little bit confused.  I am sure that if students get into Berkeley, they are “smart” in someways, regardless of their majors and the fields of their studies.  Me, myself, personally I don’t like the word “smart.”  It is such a fixed mind set word.  I prefer and value growth mind set.

Many people usually think about how “smart” someone is and use IQ as a standard.  However, I think that they miss out a very important part which is EQ, Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence (EI).  We live in the 21st century where people all connections to each other.  People with EI live happily.  They love their life by having deep connections with people ( not just by having 4.0 GPA or achieving that high ladder of careers).  By being EI, they made good friends in college.  They are lovable at work.  They natural become good leaders,…  I always find people are generally emotional intelligent with in humanity majors and College of Letter and Science.

So isn’t it unfair to not say people who study humanity, philosophy, English are not smart?  They can be “emotional smart,” can’t they?

I love STEM; I love Math, Physics, Sciences and of course I love technology ( I major in Computer Science and I learn Math just for fun).  But I don’t think that makes me “smarter” than others.  I don’t think it is a better major.  I don’t think there should be pressure for students to pursue any field.  They should have the support to study and do what they love.

That is what college is about.  I love college because I love what I am doing.

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