[Day 83] Where are my classes?

So this is second day of school.  I took a sleeping pill last night.  In the morning, the pill was not over yet, so I was so sleepy.  I could not wake up.  Josh, my roommate was like “Lupin, don’t you have a class in the morning?”.  I was like ” Mmm hmmm, what time is it?”.  I looked at my phone “9:06”.  So I had 24 minutes to brush my teeth, take a shower, refresh and run to class.

I tried to avoid Sather Gate as much as I can (Ok, you all know it, don’t you?).  And then I realized that classes start at Berkeley time, ten more minutes… *time to catch some breath*

After the class, Quetzal and I went to a Mixer for incoming EECS/CS students.  We met two freshmen.  They are so good at “table tennis.”  The girl was like ” this is my friend, he wrote an article about AI.  The professor loved him, blah blah,…” * honestly, I lost interest after two sentences*.  And then the guy was like “She is my friend, she had a cool project about blah blah,…”.  Quetzal and I were looking at each other, and we were like “ok, got it.”  haha, the typical freshman.  Ops, I sound like I am grossing them.  To be honest,  they make me feel a little bit unconfident about my technical skills though.  But in the mean time,  I am here to learn, so it is all good.  Life is beautiful again.

Ugh, the UC Berkeley campus is so big.  I literally bike around campus with my Google map to go from class to class.  They should have more maps and directional signs on campus!!!

There is one thing make me happy today is that Naira and Akshatha think my blog is good.  They really like it. Awe that is so sweet of them.  I love the floor 6th of Matinez.  I am going to write a post about that for sure.  They are my brothers and sisters from other mothers and fathers.  I love living in a dorm.  I love college life.

Oh, Quetzal just introduced me a http://rainymood.com/  so I combine it with my baroque music.  awe, it is so cool.  Thank Quetzal!!!

Now, it is time to go back my homework!

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