[Day 78] First Friday at Cal

Yesterday was a very good day.  

At 2:30 AM in the morning.  I went to the kitchen to cook my noodle, but I forgot to bring my Cal ID so I could not go back to my floor.  I needed to snapchat Luis so he can get me in.  That was very nice of him.  When I was back on the floor.  I locked myself out after the shower too.  Josh needed to help me in.  ^^

I woke up very late this Friday, but I am glad that I made it to the excursion a 12:30 PM.  We visited a tech company in San Francisco.  I enjoyed it.  I learned a lot about the industry and internship opportunities.  They provided good food and free supplies, so I was happy.

(… we hiked up the Big C after dinner)


(… a view from the Big C)

In the evening,  I got back to the office.  Froi gave me two dinner vouchers.  That was sweet of him :).  At night, we were watching Froi’s performances too.  He was sassy in a good way.  He was like “bitches, make room, I am coming.”  I thought his group and the last group were good.  I enjoy dancing.  I miss doing though.  I hope I can find a team that matches my schedule.  Go Froi!!!!

At night,  I went out to some flat’s parties.  They were fun, but it was hot inside.  Who says Berkeley kids don’t know how to throw a party? Who?

(… I am so shorts so It was hard to take a good video)

Like usually,  we back to our common room to hang out and talk.  Luis eventually helped me create a Tinder profile haha.  It was so funny.  We talked Miles to re-download the app too.  And we talked everyone to check their app as well.  It was a fun night.  I love the people on my floor ^^.  I really do.

I got some more pictures from my group about other days.


(… waiting to make a C, group 613, all cuties)IMG_5452

(… let’s take a group photo after making a big C)IMG_5460

(… watching sunset at Berkeley’s Rose Garden)IMG_5456

(… There is always light at the end of a tunnel which is the light of a train… :)) )

My roommate is sleeping.  So I am better go to bed. Good night!!!

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