[Day 74] Moving in to college dorm

So, it is 1:00Am, Tuesday now.

I moved in the dorm, Martinez Common on Monday, like couple hours ago.

I was late because the traffic at the Bay Bridge was so bad.  But after all, we made it.  That is all they care about.

I love my dorm, the floor and my room.  It is very nice.  I have a double and my roommate is sweet.  I needed to check in for GBO.  The line was so long but it was moving very fast.  After checking, Quetzal and I finally met.  We get along pretty well so far.  I hope she and I are gonna be good friends.  I met a lot new people today, like Manual from other dorm and other people from the our floor and the building as well.

At night, at 9:00PM, we had a meeting.  It was fun to see who on the dorm are.  At 10PM, we started walking to Big Night.  Big Night is a welcome night for all new incoming students.  We played the Fun Slide.  We ran the ball.  The people on our floor are so cute.  I had a good night.

Now, it is time to eat some food, take a shower and have some good sleep at my new dorm.

I love College


(…Happy Moving Day)

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