[Day 71] Giving someone the right to hurt you

I just got back San Francisco after 2 months in Vietnam.  Jetlag is so bad.  I can not sleep 😦 .  I went out last night, got couple drinks.  So I am so hangover and jet lag, worse worse.

I will move to Berkeley’s dorm next week.  I feel excited and nervous all at once.  It is going to be hard.

Loving someone is giving the right for that person to hurt you already.  People keep asking me why I am single.  Oh well,  I have my eyes on one person.  He just doesn’t seem to understand.  That’s all.  Let me tell you, I do get rejections sometimes, if not a lot.

I tried to see him since I am back but he just replied with a thumb up.  Mmm, I really don’t know what I should do.


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