I hasn’t left Sài Gòn yet, but I miss Sài Gòn already

Sài Gòn, or also known for Ho Chi Minh City.  I call the city Sài Gòn because I love it.  I grew up calling it Saigon.  My parents call it Saigon.  All the literatures and books that I have read, the authors call it Saigon.  When people call it Ho Chi Minh City.  I feel a little bit insulted.  For example,  I live in San Francisco, I love the city so I always call it San Francisco or the city ( by the bay).  When someone call it Frisco or San Fran, I judge them that they know nothing about the city.

I have never met anyone live in Saigon more than 3 months that do not love Saigon.  If 3 months were not enough, maybe you need to live there 6 months and more…

To people just visit the city, they may ask, “why do people love Saigon?”  Oh well, Saigon is not a place to visit.  It is to live and love.

Saigon is hot and crowded.  People are from all the country; they move to Saigon to make a living, to leave behind their past.  Saigon is very open minded and tolerance.  Everyone finds that there are a little bit of something they can relate to in Saigon.

If I did not immigrate to the U.S.  Saigon would be my dream city.  I would move there for college.  I would find a job and live there.  I would fall in love there as well.

Saigon will always surprise you.  Once,  I was ride my motorbike.  I got lost, so I needed to keep asking people on the way.  I asked a guy.  He was very nice; he told me very details about the roads that I need to take.  After 15 minutes of driving,  I found my self at a very weird place.  It seemed dangerous and it is getting dark.  I had a feeling that someone was following me.  It turned out to be the guy that I asked him earlier.  I was afraid.  I thought he had trapped me.  But, he ran after me to tell me that he had told me the wrong way.  He was willing to take me to the main road which would be easier to reach my destination.  People are like that,  they care about you in a different way.

I love Saigon because of all the food too.  I can find any kind of food here, in Saigon, from all over the country and the world.  The food in Saigon is different from the rest on country.  The food here taste stronger, maybe a little more spicy.

Ugh, I am hungry for Saigon food now!!!

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