[Day 88] Naira’s birthday

( ...Martinez brothers and sisters, I love how Jessie looks at Kay.  He is like "bro, don't try to take my spotlight haha ) August - 28 was Naira birthday.  She invited all the people on 6th floor of Martinez and some people are from the building but on other floors. She turned 20th woho, not... Continue Reading →

[Day 83] Where are my classes?

So this is second day of school.  I took a sleeping pill last night.  In the morning, the pill was not over yet, so I was so sleepy.  I could not wake up.  Josh, my roommate was like "Lupin, don't you have a class in the morning?".  I was like " Mmm hmmm, what time... Continue Reading →

[Day 75] First day of GBO

So GBO is Golden Bear Orientation.  It is a week long orientation for new incoming freshman and transfer students at UC Berkeley. (I know, a week long? seriously?) We checked in at 10:30 today.  I did not have enough sleep last night so I woke up very late, like 9:30AM We met up with our... Continue Reading →

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