Ninh Thuận – Sun, sand and good friend

… tháp Chàm at Ninh Thuận


It took us 8 hours from Saigon to Ninh Thuận.  Ninh Thuận is a beach town, but it is not so touristy like Nha Trang.  The tourism industry here is not developed yet.  Most of the visitors are Vietnamese, or the people from the area around.

I went to Ninh Thuận with Phí, my old friend.  We were good friends since grade 6th.  After high school, Phí went to Taiwan; I went to the US.  We were apart for four years.  Life has changed a lot, so do we.  Phí and I were the kinds of friends would fight a lot, argue a lot but after all, we stay friends, and we never take our words too personal and serious.  I am very stubborn, so Phí always takes a step back sometimes.  I truly appreciate his personality, our friendship and his company.  Ninh Thuận is the first destination we travel together, with only 2 of us.  We did fight over something, but we had a good time.

I was so sick when I was at Ninh Thuận.  Lucky that we were able to move to a beautiful resort where we have private beach and restaurant at the resort.  The price was good.  Phí took good care of me by helping me buying medicine and doing laundry.

I needed a lot of sleep my first night in Ninh Thuận.  I stayed in; Phí went for a walk to the beach.


… private beach area at a good price resort, Hòn Cỏ-Cà Ná


I felt better after good night sleep.  We rented a motorcycle to explore the province.  We went to Tháp Chàm – a Chàm Temple.  It is very similar to the temple in Bagan.  It was nice.  I learned a lot about Cham culture.  We also found a Pottery village near by.  At the village, al the pottery is handmade.  They don’t use any modern tools.  I admire them; I call them artists.  On the way, Phí bought a bottle of grape wine.

We had a long day driving around town.  There are some parts of the town are truly stunning.  Since he was driving and I was wandering.  We forgot to take pictures ( this happens when we enjoy our company and the landscape)

At night, Phí and I had a walk along our resort beach.  We caught up after four years apart.  Our friendship is strong as always.


… Tháp Chàm from far way


… Tháp Chàm at a near distance

June 26th -2017

Phí is a little sick.  I think he got the cold from me.  But we won’t let sickness stop our adventure.  We rented a motorbike again to go to the beach and other famous places in Ninh Thuận like Hang Rái ( dead corals), Vịnh Hy ( Hy bay), Biển Ninh Chữ ( Ninh Chữ Beach).  Since we have our private beach at our resort, we did not spend a lot of time at Vinh Hy either Ninh Chữ.  We were lucky, the tides were very low.  We were able to walk down the shore to see corals.  They were beautiful.  It was the first time in my life seeing them at this clear and this close distance.  I can touch them too!!!

At night, we bought a durian.  After dinner, we ran to the beach to eat durian and drink our wind.  It was a lovely night.  I would never think Phí, and I good have a night when we drink wine, eat durian and talk about our friendship, our time living in different countries,…  I could not ask for any better night.


… beautiful coralsIMG_4194

… Hang Rái – This landscape looks like my imagination for one of the science fiction book that I readIMG_4210

…Phí in WonderlandIMG_4211

…Phí Mermaid 


… the drive way

June 27th- 2017

We spent our day at the private beach.  Phí needed to go back to Saigon.  I needed to go to Nha Trang. IMG_4765

… grape wineIMG_4764

… reading the book at the beach 

Thanks Ninh Thuận and Phí for helping me recover from my cold and giving more energy for my trip

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