[07-26-2016] Getting ready for my first international backpacking trip

… says See You Later to San Francisco

July-26th, 2016, a beautiful summer day.

I am so excited and nervous.  I will be on board and fly to Peru in couple hours.  I will travel the country for three weeks.  This is the first time I go on a backpacking trip by myself, in a country that I know no one and I do not speak Spanish. I read about Peru.  I learned about their culture.  I copied my documentations and saved them safely.  I learn how and what to bring.  I did my research about places. Blah blah,… Oh sh*t, this is getting real.  I am about to see the world …

… a draft of dates and plans for the trip


…another draft

How Did I Decide To Do This Trip?

I was working full time as a waiter.  I saved quite good money for myself.  In the meantime, I am twenty now which means I am no longer a teenager anymore.  I want to do something fun and remarkable when I talk about my twenty.  I always want to see the world, to learn about other people lives.  I want to push myself out of comfort zone. Guess what?  I know it is time for me to go somewhere.

Why Did I Pick Peru?

I did not know anything about Peru before I make my decision.  I did not choose Peru intentionally.  I just know I want to go to South America.  I remember that back in the day when I was taking ESL noncredit classes, I met a friend who is from Peru. So I was like “Let’s go to Peru to visit him.”  I called him; he was telling me all the great things about the country.  He told me “just come and have fun.”  So I went online to buy a ticket.  I got a good deal, and the ticket was good for my budget.  Here we go,  I am going to Peru!!!

What Happen Before The Trip?

I went to San Francisco Public Library to read travel books about the country.  I know, you may think I can just look up for travel blogs and travel tips.  I did not read any travel blogs for this trip.  I want to travel the country in my way.  I want some surprises. I bought books about Peru.  When I was doing research for my trips,  I keep being surprised about how much I don’t know.  I was amused that Peru is such an awesome country for adventures.  I am glad I picked Peru, or maybe Peru picked me, who knows?

I learned and joined the Couchsurfing community.  I find some hosts who are willing to host me.  I was a little bit afraid and unwilling to open up myself.  I talked to a friend who is a Counchsurfling host in Bay Area.  He gave me a lot of tips and advice.  I feel more optimistic about my trip.

I told my ESL instructor about my trip.  She was excited for me, and she introduces me to her friend.  Her friend, Bob is an ESL instructor who has married to a Peruvian, and he goes to Peru every year.  I chatted with Bob.  He loves Peru, and he wants me to love Peru as well.  We talked about my interests and what Peru has to offer.  We match up everything and come up a travel plan for three weeks.  I was so grateful and thankful for Bob’s knowledge and enthusiasm.  He has made my trip become so much easier and more fun.

When the time for the trip is coming closer,  my friend called me to let me know that he won’t be in the country at that time.  He needs to go to conferences in Brazil.  I was a little disappointed.  I will be in Peru all by myself.


… my travel buddy, Meow and I, this picture reminds me that I was once young and cute … lol

It is going to be fun though!!!! Let’s get on board.



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