[Day 37] Full moon at Hội An

…cute boys and lanterns

Friday, July -7th- 2017

Today is the 14th moon calendar.  In Hội An, people turn off electric lights for lanterns.  I was looking forward to it.  It was beautiful, but I was a little bit disappointed.  I was hoping all the electric lights are off, and the lanterns will be turned on using candles, but there are still a lot of electricity.  There were a lot of people; I felt it is a little bit overwhelming.  Anyway, the ancient town is still charming though.  My friend and I escaped the crowd by going to a restaurant with a roof area.  The dinner was so good.  We had time to enjoy the moon and the gentle wind at the roof.  We waited for the crowd to leave.


… lanterns along the river for wishes 

After dinner,  my friend and I walked around town.  We did the boat ride along the river.  We were good at bargaining. haha.  I used to help my family with our business, so I know how to bargain.  I would put down the price to 50% at first.  For example,  a good is 100k VND; I would say 50k VND.  If the seller is not ok with that, I will increase a little bit.  The maximum I would pay is 70k ( down 30%), if and only I really like the good.  I often settle down at down 40% ( 60k VND), or I just walk away.  For me, bargaining is not about how much I need to pay but it is more like a game, and I like to win.  In the end, it is up to us how much we like to pay.  As long as the sellers are ok with the price,  they make good profits so don’t worry about that.

Around 10:30 PM, when people start leaving the ancient town and the shops start closing, the moonlight covered the town.  There is some moonlight reflection from the river.  The town had transformed.  It is even more charming.  There were not a lot of people; there are not even lanterns, just the town, and the moonlight.  I felt in love with Hội An.

The next morning,  I woke up early to go to town, it was around 5:00 AM in the morning, the town is still quiet.  The business was not opened yet.  The sun was about coming up.  It was peaceful and stunning.


…the Japanese bridge in the early morning, without people


… good morning Hội An

I would say,  try to be at Hội An on the 14th or 15th moon calendar, to see the lanterns and to walk around town at midnight.  Also, you should try to see Hôị An in the early morning as well.  I have been at Hội An for a week.  I stayed longer than I plan.  It is always so hard to say bye or even to say “See you later”.  Now,  I am at Huế, one of my favorite cities.

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