[Day 31] Arrived Hội An

Last night,  I took an 11 hours bus to Hội An from Nha Trang.  A car picked me up from my guest house at Nha Trang.  The car is old, and it was crammed.  They put like 20 people in a 16 seat car.  Ugh.  I was like ” are you kidding me?  Am I gonna spend 11 hours on this car?”  It was not just my reaction but other passengers reactions too.  Luckily,  the car was just a picking up car.  We were transferred to a nicer and bigger bus.  I was happier, haha.  I meet 2 Austrians, and we shared some thoughts about traveling.  They were just small talks, but we had a good time while we were waiting for the bus.

We arrived at 6:15 AM in the morning.  I called my homestay so the host could pick me up.  Around 6:30 AM, my host, her name is Thương,  she picked me up.  The family was so nice.  They showed me around the house and the bathroom.  I was able to take a shower and had a conversation with Chị Thương and her husband (the hosts).  They wanted me to feel welcome while I stay here.  They are just so nice; I love their hospitality.  Thương recommended me a Phở store for breakfast, and she paid for it.  They let me check in early too.

After checking in,  I rode a bicycle to town.  Hội An is a little bit touristy, but it is nice and beautiful.  The morning was quiet.  I was a little bit tired because of the long bus.  I got back to the house to get rest.  Around lunch time,  the family invited me to have lunch with them.  The lunch was good.  We had fish, chicken, and vegetable for main courses; jackfruit for desert.  I felt home away from home.

I met a friend online.  Around 6:00 PM, he came over to pick me up.  We spent the evening together.  We rode our bikes around town.  We had chicken over rice, Hội An specialty for dinner.  We walked along the old town.  We did a boat ride along the river.  We had coffee at a roof top coffee shop to see Hội An at night.  We came back to get our motorcycle and run to An Bàng beach.  My new friend is so sweet.  The people in Hội An are so sweet.  Vietnamese are so nice in general.  I am so proud and glad to be a part of the country, to say me myself a Vietnamese.

Good night Hội An, good night my dear readers.

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