[Day 29] Điệp Sơn, a must see in Nha Trang, Việt Nam

Today, I did the Điệp Sơn Tour.  It was really good.  I waited for the tour to pick me up around 7:45 AM.  They said they would pick up around 7:00 AM, ugh, late!!!!  I joined the tour with two groups of people; one group is college students, the other group is like co-workers.  They are in their late 20s and early 30s.  Even though the tour is large, it was well organized. The people were nice and respectful.

In the beginning, the tour guide, Trung, introduced us the things that we would do during the tour.  The bus took us to Nha Trang Bay which is about 30 minutes away from the city.  A Boat picked us up at the Bay and ran for another 15 minutes.  We arrived Điệp Sơn.  Điệp Sơn is a system of small islands where there are sand roads connect them together.  It is so beautiful and interesting.  I have never seen something like that before.  The roads are created because of the tides from 2 sides of the road.  Those tide runs in opposite directions.  They hit each other and build the roads.  We can basically walk from island to island.  Điệp Sơn is recently opened for tourists about 1,5 year.  IMG_3694

IMG_3687After Điệp Sơn, we had lunch together.  Again, people are interested in the fact that I am traveling by myself.  Also, they thought I am Chinese because of my name.  But actually I am Chinese Vietnamese, and I like to call myself only Vietnamese sometimes.  After lunch, we transported to Dốc Lết, another beautiful beach in Nha Trang.  At the end of the tour,  we got back to the city to see bird house where people collect Edible bird’s nests.  I tried a small bowl of edible bird’s nest soup.  It was pretty good.  I would recommend it, so you know what bird’s nest taste like ( it was 250k VNĐ by the way).

My shoulders and my upper arms got sunburned now, ouch.  Overall,  I had an awesome day.

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