[Day 28] Overeating

Here is the pictures of Bún Chả and Nem Nướng that I found online


Ugh, I am so full.  I can roll like a ball right now hehe.  I ate double dinner ( I know, I have a big belly now).  I ate Nha Trang specialties which are Bún Chả and Nem Nướng.  They were so good.  I was so hungry, so I did not think about taking pictures of my food.  At first, I wanted to eat Bún Chả, so I did.  Then the girl sat next to me; she ordered soy milk which looked so good.  So I ordered a soy milk as well.  When I was on my way back to my guesthouse,  I saw a Nem restaurant where they grilled the nems outside.  I could not keep walking without trying the food.  So I ordered a portion of nem.  After eating Bún Chả and Nem Nướng,  I tried to go back to my guesthouse without buying anymore food.  Then accidentally,  I saw a sticky rice store where they sell all kind of sticky rice, corn sticky rice, cochinchin gourd sticky rice (my favorite), sweet potato sticky rice, more and more, …  I am such a fan of sticky rice.  They do not have a lot of sticky rice in San Francisco, USA.  So even though I was so full,  I wanted some sticky rice.  I ended up buying corn sticky rice and cochinchin gourd sticky rice.  When I get back to my guesthouse.  I remembered that I have durian in my fridge.  By the way,  I bought 2.8 kg durian the other day, and I have been eating them all by myself.  Awe, so much food!!!!

Today, I rode a motorbike around Nha Trang city.  I visited Po Nagar pagoda, Hòn Chồng ( a big rock) and Nha Trang Cathedral.  Riding a motorbike around is always so much fun.  I am so tanned now 🙂

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