[Day 27] Is my blog a travel blog?

The other day a friend asked me whether I am writing a travel blog.  I did not know how to answer.  My friend had a point, didn’t he?  After a few second, I answered “No, not really,  I write pretty much about anything.  They are my thoughts, and I want to share them.  I write about traveling because I am on my summer break and I am traveling right now.  But yeah, this is not a “pure” travel blog.  It is more about me, how I see and perceive the world.  Traveling is a big part of this blog.”
My friend asked: “Are you the real you on your blog?”
I was confused by the question.  I said “yes, of course, I keep it authentic.  There are many things that I do not want to posts on here.  The things I put online are the things that I feel most comfortable sharing through writing; therefore they are real.  I am writing so my friends and the people who care and want to know more about me can read.  Omg, you ask good questions.  Let’s enjoy our coffee”

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