In Vietnam, Motorbikes build relationships

In Việt Nam, the majority of the population drive motorbikes.  I learned how to drive a motorbike when I was around 13 years old.  It has been a big part of our people, the Vietnamese.  We use it daily to commute, we use it to carry goods, and we use it do go on dates.  Motorbike also has built my relationships with others and the relationship of me with myself.

I used to have a Wave A+, when I get bored or tired of life, I like to get on my motorbike and drive around.  Driving a motorcycle always brings up my mood.

When I get together with my friends, sometimes we have a plan, sometimes we don’t.  When we don’t have a plan.  We just get on a motorcycle and drive around to see what catch our attention.  Driving motorcycles around can be a plan, isn’t it?

Driving a motorcycle requires some skills and practice.  Also, the person sits behind need to believe the driver and the driver needs to think about the passenger.  There is a great created bound between two people sit on a motorcycle.  I like to sit behind and let my friends drive.  We talk a lot when we drive.  We catch up with each other.  We talk about the stores on the streets.  We talk about other drivers.  Sometimes we have deep talks about life.  Sometimes we sing to entertain ourselves.  Motorcycle brings us closer.
When I was in high school.  I have a big crush on a person.  Whenever that person offered me a ride, I felt like the world around me spinning.  Sitting together on a motorcycle sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Whenever someone is willing to drive me.  I feel thankful and grateful.  I feel easy to trust and open myself to that person as well.

You can’t really say that you have an adventure in Vietnam without driving a motobike because that is what we do!!!

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