[Day 21] Getting Off At The Wrong Destination

Friday, 06-23-2017

Last night, or this morning lol, I was partying too hard.  My friends and I danced our ass off.  They are gay and we did not party together before.  Last night was our first time.  They are really fun.  When I got to my hotel at 3 AM, I just wanted to go to bed.  But I had a bus to Ninh Thuan at 8Am which means I need to pack.  I went to bed like 4 in the morning and I woke at around 6:30 AM.  Ugh, I was like zombie,  I was hangover,  I lost my voice and my legs were so sore.  Phí (a friend of mine) and I rushed through our morning routine, checked out and ordered our breakfast for to go.  Phí and I made it to the bus station at 7:58AM and the bus leaved at 8:10 AM.  We did a good job pushing our drivers.  haha.  I passed out as long as the bus moved.

Our journey to Ninh Thuan from Saigon takes 8 hours.  When we were at Ninh Thuận, the driver dropped us off and he said we arrived at the resort.  My friend and I got our stuff off.  The bus left and we realized that is not our destination.  We walked, we complained and we cursed the driver.  After couple minutes,  two people were driving motocycle stopped by and told us that the resort is not so far away, just keep walking for 15 minutes.   The walk was not long but the sun was very strong and I was hang over from last night.  When I arrived the resort.  I ran out of energy.  I passed out again.  When I woke up, my head was dizzy,  I feel cold so I know I am sick.

I had porridge for dinner with extra ginger.  I took my medicine and multi vitamin.  I drank a glass of fresh orange juice.  Now, I feel so much better.  I try to recover soon so I can enjoy my time along the coast with amazing beaches.

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