[Day 7] I hate reading a good book sometimes

I hate reading a good book sometimes.  A book can make me cry a lot.  I see the characters develop in the book.  They are like my friends, like someone that I know closely.  They are someone that I have been watching.  I can not just see them get hurt and die.  But guess what? Sad stories make good stories.

I was on board today.  It was a long flight so I wanted to finish a book.  So I was reading the book.  I cried, cried a lot( I know, that is the typical Lupin, he cries over everything!!!).  The book haunted me.  The person sat next to me asked me I am ok, why I was crying.  I told her that,  I was fine.  The book was just so good and touching.  It is not first time those.  I cry over the books I have read a lot because the way they connect to myself and the people around me.

By the way,  I am in Vietnam now, my homeland.  It is so hot in Saigon, during the day, the temperature is 91F or 31C, insane, isn’t it?  I was hanging out with my cousin today.  I forgot that how poor my relatives, I felt bad.  I had been away for too long.  Even one of the officer asked me at the airport today that “you left in 2013 and never came back ever since? ” My cousin family has a little unit to live and make a store.  They sell plants and other things for the plants.  People bargain over every things.  They do not make a lot.  The second youngest daughter is about going to 10th grade.  She has learned how to sell those plants to help her parents (my aunt and her husband).  I felt strange.  I was living like that as well, but after living aboard for 4 years.  It is so hard for me to see it again.  I guess I did not want to see them to be poor.  I do not want to see that they need to struggle to meet their monthly bills.  What do people in here do to make money?  It is just getting worse, the economic and communism.  I felt really annoyed when my parents asked me to bring goods back.  Now, I am glad that I did.

Highlights of the day are that I went to swimming with my cousin and we are about to have dinner.

I was reading The Kite Runner by the way

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