What I Am Doing This Summer, Summer 2017?

This summer is going to be a great summer with a lot of fun things what I will be doing.  I will

1: Learn Python.  I need to learn Python for CS 61, a class that I will need take at UC Berkeley.

2:  I will spend 2 months to travel in Vietnam.  With 2 months,  I hope to see my friends and my relatives.  I also plan to travel from the South to the North and some islands.  If I have time,  I may travel to other Southeast Asia countries.  This is going to be fun.  I have not been back there for 4 years.  I have a weird feeling.  It is a mix of exciting and nervous.

3:  I will write a lot.  I will write when I travel, as much as I can.

4: I will read some books.  There are several books that I want to read this summer, especially those classical self help books.  I want to read and re-read them before I transfer to UC Berkeley and before I graduate.

After traveling in Vietnam,  I will be back in San Francisco to catch up with friends.  And then I will move to Berkeley to attend a week of orientation.  After orientations, school will officially begin.  It is excited and intimated, but I will try and do my best.  Go Bears!!! Go Summer 2017, the Summer of 21!!!

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