[Day 0] The excitements

You may wonder why I start counting from 0.

My parents always teach me “we all start from 0, and we build our place in this world. The world owes you nothing, and you don’t owe the world anything. You just need to live to find yourself, how you see yourself and how you want people to see you as an individual.” I love my mom and dad. Honest, because of them, I did not start from 0, but I like to count from 0 anyway. Also, As a Computer Science major student and a wannabe engineer, I have a habit starting counting from 0. Therefore, the first day of this blog is [Day 0]. I will organize this blog like my diary and journal where I keep track of the days, and the titles go along with the days. Those are posts about my days and the things happen during the days. They are in the Daily Category.  There will be many posts without the days which I call articles. They can be anything with a main topic or thought.

I am excited to start this blog. I do not know how many people are going to read it, how long it is going to last, how much the blog can grow.  The important is that I have a place to share my thoughts, to keep my journey and to write. Last night, after launched this site, I posted an announcement on my Facebook. I sent the link to some other friends. It turns out great. My friends eventually like it. They say they will read it. I hope they do. (They may just being nice to me though haha)

This blog is one of my main projects for this summer, summer 2017, the summer of 21, yeah.  It is also my life long online home where I would love to connect with my readers.  You can subscribe and follow so you will not miss any posts 🙂

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