(…my dear friends and I met in Peru.  We camped and hiked together for 5 days)

Welcome to Xing’s online home where you will find out

  • My College Life since I am a full-time college student and I love it.
  • My trips.  I love traveling, backpacking and Couchsurfing.  I have met awesome people, and I have had great stories.  Therefore,  I would love to share that with you.
  • Philosophy.  There will be a lot of writing about how I see and perceive the world.  Also, I love intellectual, philosophical discussions.  I have a lot of thoughts, and I hope we can share our thoughts.
  • My loved ones.  This is also a home of my friends and my loved ones.  Welcome guys!!!
  • Parties.  I mean it.  Cute boys, cute girls and fun times… woo hoo.
  • Poems:  I love poetry, so I write poems sometimes.
  • About you (my lovely readers) and me:  This blog is about me just as much as about you, my readers.
  • More and more… Welcome and I hope you enjoy this Blog 🙂 (click to read more)


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